Swiftmoji - SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji - Swiftkey released a new application named Swiftmoji, a app emoji keyboard with prediction. This application will help the user to immediately find the emoji that correspond to what typed at the keyboard.


Swiftmoji - SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard Emoji - Swiftmoji work with how to customize the context typing, coupled with the function to recognize the use of emoji on a global basis. Thus, in addition to varying with the habits we chat, Swiftmoji also remains in line with global trends.

For example, when we typed in the word happy, and suppress the function of Swiftmoji, will appear lined up emoji in accordance with the word fun it. We just choose emoji what we want. Exciting, Swiftkey Keyboard tells us that there are emoji the particular popular represent someone.

System Emoji Swiftkey Keyboard this has a different approach from some function that already exists in the application or another OS. As a comparison, the Slack using how typing with a two in between the words to bring up the emoji related. For example will bring up the emoji smile and emoji related. In Windows 10, if we type Smile, then at the prediction text will appear emoji but without the advice of other emoji.

Such as Swiftkey keyboard, the app Swiftmoji is available free for iOS and Android. Because now Swiftkey already purchased Microsoft, we'll see what are the features of emoji keyboard will be planted on the default keyboard of Windows or not.

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